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Kaibutsu ha koko ni iru

Kaibutsu ha koko ni iru


(c)shun sakaida

(c)shun sakaida

Release Date
February, 11th, 2011
Running Time
25 min
Thriller , Feature
Screening Format

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An audacious crime movie from director Sakaida Shun, whose constantly experimental and ambitious style of direction and imagery has caused a sensation and is attracting considerable attention in the independent film scene. It is also an installment in a four-part crime quadrilogy together with the works Kowashitai omocha, Akuma ga kita, and Taiyo ha shiranai, in which Sakaida illustrates humans' hidden capacity for violence. It depicts a fierce battle between a roadside slasher, a thief, and a victim, as well as a person who gains superhuman power.

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