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Release Date
September, 27th, 2003
Running Time
107 min
Feature , Feature
Screening Format

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TOWANI, Twins Japan

[ Story ]

Kurosawa Kiyoshi made this film almost simultaneously with his other work, bright future.
Hayasaki Michio (Yakusho Koji) is exploring the possibilties of artificial human bodies, but his research isn't going well. One day, his doppelganger appears in front of him at a restaurant. Michio is fired because of his doppelganger's actions and abandons himself to despair. His doppelganger removes the artificial human body out from the facility in order to continue research and hires a new assistant named Kimishima (Yusuke Santamaria). Michio can not stand his doppelganger's attitude and actions and ends up beating him to death. With the help of Kimishima and Nagai Yuka (Nagasaku Hiromi), who says that she has seen her own younger brother's doppelganger, Michio completes the body and plans to sell it to corporations. After beating down Kimishima, who tries to monopolize their success, Michio and Yuka safely escape with the body, but suddenly stop their promotion plans and take it away with them. They drop it from a cliff and walk away.

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