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Seven days report

7 Days Report

セブンデイズ リポート





Release Date
February, 8th, 2014
Running Time
83 min
Drama , Science Fiction/Fantasy , Romance , Feature
Screening Format
Screen Size
American Vista (1:1.85)
Sound Processing

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[ Cast ]

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[ Production Company ]


[ Distributor (Japan) ]

Yoshimoto Creative Agency

[ Production Studio ]

Fuji Television Network, Rakueisha

[ Story ]

A near-future juvenile science fiction film in which a young man and his clone meet each other by chance and come to reassess the way they live. It is the directorial debut of Kondo Masahiro, a creator of several popular TV variety shows, who depicts the joys and sorrows of being a teenager.
Seven days before his graduation, high school student Maesawa Ryota (Shirahama Aran) discovers that he is a clone. While in a state of shock upon realizing he only has a short time left to live, he comes into contact with the original Maesawa Ryota.

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