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Strum und drang

Strum und drang


(c)sturm-und-drang Partners

(c)sturm-und-drang Partners

(c)sturm-und-drang Partners

(c)sturm-und-drang Partners

Release Date
August, 16th, 2014
Running Time
138 min
Drama , Historical , Feature
Screening Format
Screening Format with Subtitles
English (DVD)

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sturm-und-drang Partners

[ Distributor (Japan) ]

Wides Publishing

[ Story ]

Coming-of-age ensemble drama about the Guillotine Society, an anarchist association in the Taisho period. Vividly depicts the youths involved in the Guillotine Society with richly colored images. Directed by artist and painter Yamada Isao, the film brings together a cast from the worlds of theater, manga and music.
1922. Nakahama Tetsu (Jitsunashi Satoru), a poet and social activist, creates the Guillotine Society with old friends. They menace companies to raise money and plan a revolution. Then, a mysterious woman Matsuura Emiru (Nakamura Emiko) appears in their midst.

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Wides Publishing
7F TOMMY Buld., 7-7-23 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Rep: OKADA Hiroshi
Attn: KOYA Junji
tel: +81-3-3369-9218
fax: +81-3-3369-1436