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Akujo no kisetsu

Days of Evil Women


Release Date
November, 30th, 1958
Running Time
110 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Millionaire Yashiro, an old miser, has a fortune in hidden diamonds. He has no near relatives to whom to leave his estate but he has a mistress, Taeko, who attends to his needs.
Taeko plans to rid herself of her master and leaves the gas jet open in her bedroom. However, the plan is foiled by Katakura, a freelance taxi driver, and a former lover who discovers Taeko's plot and blackmails her into giving him a part interest in the undertaking. Then Taeko's daughter, Hitomi, appears on the scene, and she agrees to kill the old man by means of poison.
The next would-be killer to appear is the old man's nephew, Shinjiro; who is convinced that his uncle murdered his father and stole the fortune.
Ignorant of all this plotting, the old miser takes his mistress to his villa in Karuizawa to where they are followed by the would-be killers. To the couple's astonishment, the villa is occupied by a group of youthful cyclists among whom are Shinjiro and Hitomi.
The disgusted Yashiro moves into the warehouse at the foot of Mt. Asama, but before doing so he places his small chest of diamonds in a wartime bomb shelter and takes out an identical chest of imitation diamonds.
The following day, a professional gunman digs up an old unexploded shell and hammers on it hoping to find the diamonds concealed therein. The subsequent explosion blows him and the snooping Shinjiro to an early grave. Now, in order to escape from these evil parasites, the old man ties his chest of diamonds to an observation balloon and sends it soaring into the heavens.
Great is his shock and horror when he discovers that it is not the chest of imitations which he has cast off, and the mad chase after the real diamonds finally ends in the crater of an active volcano.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1959 2.1】

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