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Onna no saka

Women of Kyoto


Release Date
June, 17th, 1960
Running Time
107 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

The affairs of Kagimura, a noted cake shop in Kyoto, are taken over by Akie, a kinswoman of the late proprietor.
Before arriving in Kyoto, Akie had planned to renovate the Kagimura and turn it into a dressmaking shop. But when she sees Taniji, an experienced pastry maker, confidently and proudly prepare a delicacy called Kyo-Shigure, she changes her mind and determines to devote her efforts to reviving the fame of the Kagimura's speciality.
She becomes friendly with Yumi, the daughter of a curio dealer, who is in love with a young man working at the city hall, and Chiho, the daughter of a potter.
Then she falls in love with Yaoi, a color-print artist, once the lover of her mother, Keiko, who comes to stay at the Kagimura in order to paint the Maiko - the apprentice geisha.
Against the background of Kyoto's customs and traditions, mother and daughter vie with each other for Yaoi's love. But finally, Akie gives up, and determines to devote all her energy into making a success of the famous old cake shop.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1960 3.4】

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