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Rebellion of Japan

Release Date
January, 14th, 1967
Running Time
99 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

In 1936, in the midst of political anxiety and an economic depression, a group of young Army officers attempt a coup d'etat, which misfires but changes the situation in Asia. Believing that unless corrupt military leaders and politicians are wiped out there is no chance for the new Japan, they stake everything on this one desperate try.
One is Lt. Ryuichiro Tate, a young man who really loved Suzuko, the girl it was intended that he marry, but he refused because he must devote himself to his duty. But Suzuko, now married, has never forgotten this man who might have been her husband.
One evening she invites him to go with her to the Kabuki and after the performance they walk home together through the falling snow. It is during this walk that their feelings return in full force - a force so great that Suzuko shortly afterwards divorces her husband and returns home.
In the meantime the coup d'etat has been a failure, Lt. Tate is arrested, and after a perfunctory trial he and other leaders of the aborted revolt are sentenced to death.
Suzuko, travels to a spot along the coast which Tate once told her was the place he liked best of all. There she looks down into the sea and says: "Tate, I wish I could have given birth to your child," then casts herself into the waves.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1967 10.2】

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