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Daraku suru onna

A Fallen Woman


Release Date
June, 28th, 1967
Running Time
100 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Sumiko, the daughter of a distinguished family, is violently in love with Reiji who perhaps loves her in return but is not considered the proper husband. When he is arrested for theft, her fiancé, Miyoshi, feels that this will bring her to her senses but she says that she will wait until Reiji is released from prison. When Reiji gets out he makes little effort to support himself but lives off her earnings as a bar hostess. When Miyoshi finds out where she is and visits her, they begin an affair. They meet several times in small and sordid hotels and he enjoys the woman he had so wanted to marry, while she, disappointed with Reiji but still in love with him, submits. Reiji is furious, turns her out of the house, and when she comes crawling back forces from her the money which Miyoshi had given her. Finally, however, she returns to Reiji and when Miyoshi discovers where they are and visits them he is greeted by his rival with the story that she made love with him only upon his instructions, in order to get money. Deeply shocked, Miyoshi leaves and these two strange lovers are together again, he needing her in his own way, she apparently needing the pain and degradation which have come with this lasting infatuation.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1967 10.4】

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