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Clouds at Sunset


Release Date
September, 30th, 1967
Running Time
106 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

In 1937 Private Saegusa deserts his regiment, changes his name to Kosugi, gets a new job and prepares to build himself a new life.
In a small town on the Japan Sea coast he meets a young girl, Matsuno, working as a maid in a hotel. Attracted by her trust and innocence he decides to help her get a better job. Her friend Ritsuko both dislikes and distrusts him but Matsuno believes she has really found a friend.
And so it seems until one day he asks her to sleep with a client of his. She is a virgin, but she needs the money and as she feels obliged to her strange protector goes through with it.
Returning home, she finds the military police waiting who do not want to make their search more apparent because of the bad effect such a disclosure would have on public morals, ask her to assist, but she refuses.
Anxious to help Kosugi, she goes to the small port town where she knows he is hiding, never thinking that the police might be following her. She and Kosugi have time for only a few embraces, for the declaration of the love they now feel for each other, before the military police close in.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1968 11.1】

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