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Mesu ga Osu o kuikorosu, Sambiki no kamakiri

The Stronger Sex


Release Date
October, 26th, 1967
Running Time
93 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Though Oba works hard he never seems to get to the top. His company is family run and Akira, the president's son, is managing director, while his sister, Akane, is executive director.
A playboy, Akira is interested in Yoko, Oba's wife, while Oba himself is not uninterested in Akane. Their affairs become further entangled when a fashion model, Jurie, with whom Oba has been having an affair, tries to blackmail him, and Yoko suddenly decides that she wants no more of such goings on.
Yoko is drowned accidentally, though her body is not found. Oba continues to court Akane who by pretending to be pregnant gets her father to agree and Oba is finally made full director.
During their honeymoon, Oba is shocked to receive a phone call from the wife he thought was dead. She is alive, well, and angry. His life becomes impossible. Every night he must spend with Yoko, with Akane, or with Jurie. When Akira is found dead Oba is suspected but released. When the president, Akane's father, is found beaten to death, however, he is sent to jail.
The company has lost its entire male staff and crashed so Akane forms a new company, appointing the other girls to posts. All is not well, however. Yoko gives Jurie sleeping medicine and she is killed in an automobile accident, but not, before she has poisoned Yoko herself, who dies shortly afterwards.
Thus Akane, who inherits everything, would seem to be the strongest of all. Her rivals are dead, so are her brother and father; her husband is in prison for two crimes he did not commit, and she is free to enjoy the rewards of crime with a young man whom, it turns out, was in it with her from the beginning.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1968 11.1】

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