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Irezumi muzan

Tattooed Temptress


Release Date
April, 13th, 1968
Running Time
88 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Tonomura has a singular taste in women. He likes them, but he wants them tattooed. To this end, young Osayo has herself decorated with a celebrated flying-angel pattern and in this way brings much pleasure to her patron.
A young hoodlum named Shinnosuke also covets the tattooed maiden. He, decorated with the design of a famous thief, finally gets to her and she responds as she rarely does with her older lover.
Also in love with her is a young girl named Okimi who has herself tattooed with a courtesan design just to please the older woman. Having done so, however, she becomes fair prey to the tattoo-loving Tonomura who loses no time in seducing her.
All goes as well as can be expected until Osayo learns that her beloved Shinnosuke has run off with the wife of the tattooer himself, and that she is decorated with a famous and beautiful wicked-princess design.
Wanting to end it all, she goes to Tonomura, holding him responsible, determined to kill him. It is the recently returned Shinnosuke who does the deed, however, and so the lovers are reunited. Not for long, however, as both decide that suicide is probably the best for them.
This they accomplish and it is said that the beautiful skin of Osayo was later acquired by a medical museum where it hangs for all to see.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1968 11.3】

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