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Konchu daisenso



Release Date
November, 9th, 1968
Running Time
84 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

A plane carrying a hydrogen bomb over Japan is attacked by a swarm of insects and crashes on a small island. Two of the survivors are horribly mutilated and the one still living has lost his memory.
Nearby a young insect-specialist, George (Yusuke Kawazu), is staying with Annabelle (Cathy Horan), who apparently knows nothing of what is happening. He is joined by Nagumo (Keisuke Sonoi), a Tokyo specialist, who has been sent to investigate the strange and dangerous insects.
In the meantime George's wife, Yukari (Emi Shindo), knows nothing of his relations with Annabelle, but has discovered that she is going to bear his child. It is at this point that they make the discovery that it is Annabelle who has perfected the insects. A survivor of Auschwitz, she now hates all human beings and hopes to kill them all.
She almost succeeds, but the insects escape killing Annabelle herself and George. The authorities explode the H-bomb together with the island both in order to wipe out the insects and because they fear that the enemy might find the H-bomb.
Only Yukari is left. She has fled in a boat on the open sea and now, as the giant mushroom cloud rises, she is struggling to have her child.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1969 12.1】

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