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Otokowa tsuraiyo-Torajiro koiuta-

Tora-san’s Love Call


Release Date
December, 29th, 1971
Running Time
116 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

There is still a corner of Tokyo, where the sky seems bluer, the air purer and the streets quieter. This is Shibamata, the home of Torajiro Kuruma (Kiyoshi Atsumi), known as Tora-san, an itinerant street vendor.
Tora-san has been wandering since he was 16, always thinks people need his help, and when he finds himself in hot water, feels that human beings are an ungrateful lot.
In Shibamata, he stays with his uncle (Shin Morikawa) and aunt (Chieko Misaki). Tora-san always means well and his sister (Chieko Baisho), uncle and aunt love him, but they have terrible rows over little things, when Tora-san picks up his suitcase and leaves.
The mother of Hiroshi (Gin Maeda), Sakura's husband, dies and the married couple attend her funeral. There, they find Tora-san, who causes trouble in spite of his good-nature. After the funeral, Prof. Suwa (Takashi Shimura), Hiroshi's father, tells Tora-san that a man should have a happy, settled home life, so he hurries back to Shibamata.
Meanwhile, Takako (Junko Ikeuchi), a beautiful widow opens a tiny coffee shop at Shibamata. This makes Sakura and her aunt and uncle shudder, as Tora-san falls head over heels in love with each pretty woman he claps his eyes on.
Tora-san meets the widow through her son, for he has a way with children and in no time he and the lonely boy are fast friends. Takako is grateful and Tora-san worships the ground she walks on.
But, Tora-san despairs of aspiring to such a beautiful lady and packs up and leaves, little knowing that if he had stayed, it might have been his first chance of winning in love.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1972 15.1】

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