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Chase That Man


Release Date
February, 23rd, 1972
Running Time
93 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

To stamp out a huge crime syndicate is detective Shida's ambition. But Takegami (Tetsuya Watari), a young leader of the gang always stands in the way. Takegami kills the boss of the rival gang and is arrested and Shida (Jiro Tamiya) believes a good opportunity has arrived. He suspects that Takegami had committed the murder in conspiracy with Aotani (Goro Mutsumi), a fellow gangster. Takegami successfully hides the fact and is sent to jail alone. After being released, he returns to the underground organization but finds no job awaiting him. Moreover, Kitako (Mitsuko Baisho), his girl, had been stolen by Aotani. One day a hoodlum, who knows the truth about the murder, is found killed and Shida suspects Aotani is responsible. He chases Aotani and during the pursuit, accidentally injures a fellow detective. The incident compels Shida to resign but he decides to carry on the chase in a private capacity.
Takegami visits Aotani at his hiding place and suggests that he write a memo which will expose the inside of the gang - Aotani is now a nuisance to the gangsters as such a memo will protect him from being assassinated. Shida finally finds Aotani in a ship with Takegami. He sees the memo in Takegami's pocket and grabs it after a fierce struggle. The memo helps the police to destroy the organization, the syndicate begins to disintegrate and Takegami reveals to Shida that he intentionally let the detective take the memo. He declares, "I expected this day. Now I'm ready to organize my own gang…"
Thus, there seems no end to the desperate struggle of the persistent police versus the deeply rooted crime syndicate.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1972 15.1】

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