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Le Rendez-Vous


Release Date
March, 29th, 1972
Running Time
87 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Akira (Kenichi Hagiwara) takes a seat in a train opposite an attractive middle-aged woman, Keiko (Keiko Kishi), both going to the same town in northern Japan. She is accompanied by an older severe-looking woman, Fusae (Yoshie Minami), who watches her all the time. Though a hoodlum, Akira is cheerful and good-natured and Keiko detects a certain warmness in him.
Even after they arrive at the small town, Akira keeps hanging around her and follows her to her mother's grave. He makes a date with her at a hotel for the following day.
That night, Akira and his gang steal money from a bank when he tries to take all and kills one of his partners.
Keiko keeps her date, but Akira fails to appear. After a few hours, she leaves and Akira arrives at the hotel to find her gone. He catches her before her train leaves, and begs her to go back to the hotel. She refuses, telling him she is a prisoner and Fusae her guard, but has permission to visit her mother's grave, and must get back to the prison by the following morning.
Akira is shocked, but once again he sits beside her in the train, holding her hand.
A landslide stops the train, offering a chance for Keiko to escape. They sneak out of the train and embrace each other in the shadows. But after moments of ecstasy, she goes back to the train.
Keiko and Fusae return to the prison, followed by Akira. Keiko tells him she will be free in two years. "Wait for me in the park," she says. "Promise."
Akira runs to a shop to buy things for her, when he is arrested by Detective Yamamuro (Rentaro Mikuni).
Two years later, Keiko is waiting in the park, in the chilly winter wind, patiently, hopefully......

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1972 15.2】

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