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Mokugekisha o kese



Release Date
February, 16th, 1974
Running Time
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[ Story ]

A Dietman candidate kills a girl while trying to break with her. Chujo, a minor enterprises union leader, who intends to use the candidate for his own purposes when he becomes a Dietman, cannot afford a scandal. Detective Komura in charge of this murder case is known and feared as the Cobra for his almost abnormal hatred of crime.
Chujo sends Lee Ping, his woman bodyguard, but she fails in her attempt. However, Komura does not underestimate the ruthlessness of Chujo who would do anything to get his way. He knows Chujo will use Wan Pei-ping against him.
Komura has carried a hatred for Wan Pei-ping in his heart for a long time, for he thinks his former karate friend had killed the police sergeant who had been like a father to them both. Komura accompanies Mariko when she goes to model with the snow-capped mountains as backdrop. Both Lee Ping and Wan Pei-ping follow Mariko.
Lee Ping aims at Mariko, wounds her, and then turns her gun on Komura but he is faster on the draw and she falls. Mariko is hospitalized. Wan Pei-ping, disguised as a wounded man, enters in an ambulance and breaks into Mariko's room.
Komura climbs the hospital wall and enters Mariko's room in the nick of time. A fight to the death starts, although the police try to stop then. Komura wins and is about to kill Wan when he shouts that Komura doesn't know how a bastard feels who has only a mother. Komura is jolted as he realizes that he was abandoned and does not even know his own father.

【JF 1975】

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