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The Lowest Man



Futeki na otoko

Release Date : September, 7th, 1958
Running Time : 85 min
Genre : Feature

Color : Monochrome
Screening Format : -,HDCAM SR
Screen Size : Cinema Scope (1:2.35)
Sound Processing : -

[ Directed by ] MASUMURA Yasuzo

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]


[ Distributor (Japan) ]


[ Story ]

"Homeless. Convicted several times. Age, 22." This is Saburo's personal record, when he is arrested for abduction. Having deceived Hideko, a country girl, he is arrested by Detective lgawa and is sent to prison.
Saburo's mother died while he was a child, his step-mother was a slut and his father detested him for he suspected him of trying to make love to his step-mother. There had been nothing normal about his life and in jail he enjoys peace.
After his release Detective lgawa does all he can to help him. But Hideko waits for her revenge and succeeds in stabbing him.
After Saburo visits the home of Detective lgawa, Kunihiro, the gang boss believes that he has been acting as an informer and orders his followers to kill lgawa and Saburo. lgawa is murdered but Saburo shoots his boss and escapes.
The police spread a dragnet for Saburo; he knows he cannot escape, but his only wish is to see Hideko and find out whether her hate has now turned to love.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1959 2.1】

[ Contact (International) ]

2-13-12 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8552
Rep: MATSUBARA Masaki (President)
Attn: SUZUKI Asako
tel: +81 3 6893 3603
fax: +81 3 6893 3607