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Yakuza sensei

The Reformer


Release Date
September, 21st, 1960
Running Time
106 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Nitta returns to the Airin Private Reform School where he spent his orphaned and delinquent childhood, as a counsellor. He finds about 30 boys in the school, headed by the rebellious Koji, the pickpocket, Charisuke, Yukiko, a half-black, and Fujio, who keeps trying to break out to climb Mt. Fuji. Nitta is sorely tried by the boys and especially by Koji, and finally he loses his temper and hits the boy.
Discouraged by his own lack of control, Nitta decides to resign, but Mr. Ishida, the president, persuades him to change his mind. Koji, Charisuke and Yukio, had never yet been allowed an outing, but Nitta arranges this and even pawns his watch to treat them to a good lunch. But they get into a fight and end up at the police station.
The real story seems to have been that Charisuke, the pickpocket, had lost his money, and they had to walk back. When one of the boys is taken to hospital he is replaced by a vicious youngster called Jiro, from the State Reformatory, who is not above attacking the others with a knife.
One night, while trying to escape, Fujio sees Jiro attack Michiko, and saves her by awakening the whole place. Then Kimura, a hoodlum, comes to fetch Jiro, and attacks the boys with a knife, and Nitta in trying to defend them is beaten with a belt.
In the autumn it is learned that an airfield is to be constructed and the school must close, and while busy in trying to prevent this Mr. Ishida from dying in an accident. The boys and the other counsellors are placed in various other institutions, but Nitta, who has his shady past and no counsellor's diploma, is left without a job. Still, undiscouraged, he says goodbye to the boys who have come to love him and tells them: "I'll get a place ready when you come out."
love and understanding are perhaps what these boys really need.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1961.4.1】

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