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Sky of Love - Someone I love is There


(c)2007 "Sky of Love" Production Committee

(c)2007 "Sky of Love" Production Committee

(c)2007 "Sky of Love" Production Committee

(c)2007 "Sky of Love" Production Committee

Release Date
November, 3rd, 2007
Running Time
129 min
Screening Format

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Sky of Love Production Committee

[ Story ]

A film adaptation of a mobile novel (electronic novel which is downloaded only to a mobile phone), based on the own experience the writer, Mika. This mobile novel is about the roller-coaster romance of high school girls that was very popular among middle and high school students, with hit counts of more than 20 million and 3.9 billion yen box-office revenue.
High school girl, Mika (Aragaki Yui) and Hiro (Miura Haruma) are in love with each other. Their relationship has gone through ups and downs, but their bond has grown stronger as they overcome each obstacle. One day, however, Hiro asks Mika to end the relationship. Mika is devastated, but manages to break with her feelings for Hiro, while Yu (Koide Keisuke) watches over her warmly. Mika starts going out with Yu, but then she learns that Hiro is dying. Hiro left her because he did not want to make her grieve. Having realized the truth, Mika breaks up with Yu and returns to Hiro. Mika sees Hiro fighting the illness and reaffirms her love for him. Once again, the two pledge to overcome difficulties together, however...

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