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Utsukushii Natsu Kirishima

A Boy's Summer in 1945


(c) 2003/ Rumble Fish

(c) 2003/ Rumble Fish

(c) 2003/ Rumble Fish

(c) 2003/ Rumble Fish

Release Date
December, 6th, 2003
Running Time
118 min
Screening Format

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Rumble Fish

[ Story ]

The story takes place in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, in the summer of 1945 just before WWII ends. Ninth-grader Yasuo (Emoto Tasuku) evacuates Tokyo, separated from his parents, and now lives with his rigid grandfather (Harada Yoshio) and grandmother. While he was lucky to escape being drafted due to ill health, he feels guilty about not being able to save his friend from a bomb attack and can't get accustomed to the militant attitude around him. The story also touches on people connected with Yasuo, such as Natsu, a server who feels a kinship with him, and Natsu's mother who has a love affair with a soldier in order to forget her husband's death.
Originally a director of documentaries, Kuroki Kazuo delicately portrays each character set against the beautiful scenery of Kirishima. Based on his own childhood experiences, this is the second film in Kuroki's war trilogy, the first being Tomorrow ('88) and the third Chichi to Kuraseba (The Face of Jizo), scheduled to be released in 2004.

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