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Amber Light


(c) 2018 "Amber Light" Film Partners

(c) 2018 "Amber Light" Film Partners

(c) 2018 "Amber Light" Film Partners

(c) 2018 "Amber Light" Film Partners

Release Date
July, 6th, 2019
Running Time
105 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format
Screening Format with Subtitles
English (Blu-ray)

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[ Production Company ]

"Amber Light" Film Partners

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[ Story ]

Yokoo Hatsuki, who made his directorial debut with Last Night Rewind, makes his hometown of Nagasaki the backdrop of this drama. In the lead role is Iura Arata of Dare to Stop Us.
Hironaga Ryota (Iura) was a child when he was separated from his father due to his parents' divorce. He takes over the glasswork factory his father almost brought to bankrupty and manages to somehow get by. In the meantime, Ryota himself is also divorced with children he does not see. One day his older brother Shoichi (Ohashi Akira) says he saw their father out in the city. Thus begins the two brothers' effort to find their father.

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