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Nanatsu no kaigi

(c)2019 Whistleblower Film Production Committee

(c)2019 Whistleblower Film Production Committee

Release Date : February, 1st, 2019
Running Time : 119 min
Genre : Feature

Color : Color
Screening Format : -
Screen Size : -
Sound Processing : -

[ Directed by ] FUKUZAWA Katsuo

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]

Whistleblower Film Production Committee

[ Distributor (Japan) ]


[ Story ]

The masterpiece novel by Ikeido Jun, whose standout works include Rikuoh, Downtown Rocket, and the Naoki Hanzawa series, is adapted to film by I'd Rather Be a Shellfish and The Crimes That Bind director Fukuzawa Katsuo.
Midsize manufacturer Tokyo Kenden's section chief Sakado (Kataoka Ainosuke) is being asked to step down due to a power harassment controversy caused by his chastisement of a slacker employee, Yasumi (Nomura Mansai), for negligence of duty. Harashima (Oikawa Mitsuhiro), who has come to terms with always being second best to Sakado, rises to the position of section chief. However, the position conceals an unimaginably dark secret.

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