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Momo matsuri presents kiss! / 桃まつり presents kiss!

Jizo no tsuji

Jizo no tsuji


Release Date
March, 23rd, 2009
Running Time
15 min
Drama , Feature , Series
Screening Format
Screen Size
HD (16:9)

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momo matsuri

[ Story ]

This piece was submitted to the Momo Matsuri Presents Kiss! short film project that highlights up-and-coming female directors, created by the Momo Matsuri film screening group. Director Takemoto Naomi, who has been a part of this project since it began in 2006, brings a touch of fantasy to the story of a man suffering from deep, psychological wounds ever since he lost his beloved wife and child in a traffic accident. Sato's (Saito Yoichiro) sense of guilt drives him to take pictures of the Jizo Buddhist statutes wherever he finds them. One day, he meets a mysterious woman, Sari (Kawai Aoba) in the park, and she half drags him deep into the mountains, so he begins to wander the mountains following her.

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