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Heat Wave Island


Release Date
October, 29th, 1969
Running Time
102 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

The corpse of a woman is found buried in the white sands by the Inland Sea.
The police discover that the victim is Otoyo (Nobuko Otowa) who ran a small bar in town, and that Michiko (Masako Tomiyama), a young waitress at the bar, has been missing since the day the madam disappeared.
Chief detective, Oishi (Mutsuhiro Toura), finds Michiko in her home island. She tells him that she left the bar only because Otoyo forced her to become the mistress of Nakanishi (Kozo Yamamura), one of her clients, He finds too that Michiko was in debt to Otoyo. But although she is suspected of being involved in the murder, her alibi is soon verified.
The detectives now learn that two men who were once married to Otoyo have become invalids through narcotics. Furthermore, Nakanishi, who has also had affairs with Otoyo, is found in hospital with narcotic poisoning. All three men are from Mikasajima Island, Otoyo's native place. The detectives go to the island, only to find that Otoyo had left there ten years before, leaving behind her idiot son.
Again the investigation focuses on Michiko and she is seen trying to give a pack of cigarettes to a young man named Hori (Takeshi Yoshizawa), who works at a nearby dockyard. His superior informs the police that he was once in the hospital for one month and a half due to serious injuries and wonders how he paid for his treatment. The police now suspect Michiko had given him the money she borrowed from Otoyo.
But neither Otoyo nor Hori admits to knowing each other. Then comes news that Nakanishi had fled from the hospital. He is caught at Mikasajima Island and from his lips issues a quite unexpected revelation....

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1970 13.1】

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