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Seinen no ki

The Day of Youth


Release Date
April, 29th, 1960
Running Time
88 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

At Tokyo Gakuen University, Takema, son of Tatsunosuke, chief of the Waku gang, is a freshman who wishes to prepare himself for a better life away from gang activities despite the wishes of his father who wants him to assist strengthen the gang against the Kawano group.
Takema's classmate, Akiko, is the daughter of Eiko who operates a restaurant, and through her he obtains a lodging in the house of Shiu, a dancing mistress.
The students enjoy their life, but most have their troubles. Sakamoto works as a laborer on the docks to help pay for his schooling, and Akiko worries over the relationship between her mother and Sakurai, a corrupt politician, suspected to be involved in graft over jet aircraft.
Soon Takema and Akiko are in love. One day Akiko's home is searched by the police; then an accident at the docks injures Sakamoto and his sweetheart Yukiko is killed. The next day Akiko's mother Eiko commits suicide. Tatsunosuke is deeply grieved, for Eiko had been his sweetheart by whom he has a daughter, Kayo, whom he meets at the funeral to find her grown into a beautiful young woman. On his way home Tatsunosuke is murdered.
Now an orphan Takema is still determined to go his own way, but Tetsuji and others of the Waku gang believe that Tatsunosuke was murdered by the Kawano group and plan revenge. However, Takema decides to disband the gang and tells them to seek a better life.
One day Akiko finds her mother's diary from which she learns that Takema and Kayo are brother and sister.
On learning that Sakurai wishes to buy the diary for five million yen, fearing that it might contain matters to implicate him, Takema arranges the sale so as to help the two sisters. Sakurai is furious when he finds that the diary is quite harmless and is about to leave for the United States when Sakamoto tries to kill him but is prevented from doing so by Takema.
When the Kawano gang attack the Waku group at Tatsu's funeral, Takema is finally roused to action and decides to reorganize the gang in order to assist its members to establish a better life in a brighter world than they have known.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1960.3.4】

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