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Miseinen dakedo kodomo janai

(c)2017 "TEEN BRIDE" Film Partners

(c)2017 "TEEN BRIDE" Film Partners

(c)2017 "TEEN BRIDE" Film Partners

(c)2017 "TEEN BRIDE" Film Partners

Release Date : December, 23rd, 2017
Running Time : 105 min
Genre : Feature

Color : Color
Screening Format : DCP
Screen Size : -
Sound Processing : -

[ Directed by ] HANABUSA Tsutomu

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]

"TEEN BRIDE" Film Partners

[ Distributor (Japan) ]


[ Production Studio ]

Toho Pictures

[ Story ]

The live-action adaptation of Minami Kanan's similarly titled comic, it depicts the development of a high school girl's love when she suddenly has to marry the senior student she has pined for.
Nao (Nakajima Kento) is athletic and an academic achiever with whom Karin (Taira Yuna) has fallen for almost instantly. For her 16th birthday, Karin is presented with the gift of "marriage" to Nao from her parents. However, Nao brusquely tells Karin with a cold expression he never displays at school, "I absolutely hate women who decide to marry based on looks!" Furthermore, Isuzu (Chinen Yuri), a childhood friend who knows about their marriage, urges Nao to get a divorce.

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TOHO CO., LTD. International Business Department
1-2-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8415
Rep: SHIMATANI Yoshishige
Attn: TAKEDA Akihiro
tel: +81 3 3591 3530
fax: +81 3 3591 6610