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Hatoba onna no burusu

Waterfront Blues


Release Date
October, 3rd, 1970
Running Time
87 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Maki (Mariko Okada) leads a comfortable life as mistress of Nikaido (Ko Nishimura), president of a big company. She is given everything she wants, but sometimes feels an intolerable emptiness. Then she goes to the waterfront and watches the sea. She is a mysterious woman to seamen at the port including Kazumasa (Koji Moritsugi) who has been working his way through school after leaving home.
One day when Maki is driving her car aimlessly, she meets Kazumasa and invites him to a ride. She feels easy at first when she eats noodles with him at a dirty restaurant in a back-street, and tells him that she was brought up at such a place.
She feels she cannot bear life any more when Nikaido asks her to entertain an important customer. Out of desperation, Maki looks for Kazumasa and spends one night with him while Nikaido has an affair with Takako (Mieko Nishio), a fashion-designer who lives next door and is envious of Maki's extravagant life. Maki wants to change her life but Nikaido does not agree.
Kazumasa now deeply in love discovers her address. He finds her lying unconscious from taking sleeping pills but she is taken to a hospital and saved. Kazumasa proposes and finally she makes up her mind to start life over again with him. Kazumasa is shocked to find the man is his father. Maki is now desperate and disappears.
Kazumasa leaves school and gets a job on an ocean liner. His friends persuade him not to let Maki go if he really loves her. At the last minute, before sailing Kazumasa goes ashore and strides into the town in the hope that he will find her.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971 14.1】

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