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    Directed by: OTANI Kentaro    Casts: FUKUHARA Haruka, SATO Taiki, SUZUKI Jin

    A high school girl, Sei Saotome, unexpectedly is transferred to an elite high school in Nagano prefecture due to her parents' house-moving. One day, she meets Mizuki and Taiyo, and is invited to join astronomy club with them. The personalities of two...


  • Siblings of the Cape (2018)

    Directed by: KATAYAMA Shinzo    Casts: MATSUURA Yuya, WADA Misa, KITAYAMA Masayasu

    Yoshio lives with his sister Mariko who suffers from a mental disorder. When Yoshio gets fired from his job, he schemes to make money by forcing his sister into prostitution. But things don't go as he planned....


  • NO LONGER HUMAN (2019)

    Directed by: NINAGAWA Mika    Casts: OGURI Shun, MIYAZAWA Rie, SAWAJIRI Erika

    Osamu Dazai is a genius best-selling author. He has a pregnant wife Michiko and two children, but his life is a total mess. He has affairs with women and attempts suicides repeatedly. His pupil Shizuko and a widow Tomie step into his life, and he com...


  • A LONG GOODBYE (2019)

    Directed by: NAKANO Ryota    Casts: AOI Yu, TAKEUCHI Yuko, MATSUBARA Chieko

    A party was held for the 70th birthday of their father, Shohei. What was told to his daughters, who haven't all gathered together for a long time, is the fact that their strict father had contracted dementia. While being confused about the situation ...


  • Toshimaen: Haunted Park (2019)

    Directed by: TAKAHASHI Hiroshi    Casts: KITAHARA Rie, KOJIMA Fujiko, ASAKAWA Nana

    There are three rules at Toshimaen. 1. Don't knock on that door. 2. Don't look in that mirror. 3. If someone says your name in that place, don't answer… When you break the rules, an unending merry-go-round of terror begins to spin… Your best friend...


  • Tora-san, Welcome Back (Tentative title) (2019)

    Directed by: YAMADA Yoji    Casts: ATSUMI Kiyoshi

    On the sixth anniversary of the death of Mitsuo Suwa's wife, a memorial service is held at Kurumaya, formerly a longstanding traditional confectionery store on the approach to Taishakuten Temple in Shibamata. It has been reborn as a modern cafe, but ...


  • All of Them Are Troublesome Girls! (2018)

    Directed by: HORAI Tadaaki    Casts: ONO Kensho, KOMIYA Arisa, AKANEYA Himika

    Language teacher Kunihiko Kunitachi is approached by a lonely female student, Kazumi Kazumiya, and agrees to be her "friend" until she can make friends of her own. But Kazumi spends the whole day following him around, and shows no signs of attempting...


  • Bloody Chainsaw Girl Returns: Giko Awakens (2019)

    Directed by: YAMAGUCHI Hiroki    Casts: ASAKAWA Nana, Ano, MAMORU Asana

    Giko Nokomura is a female student at Nightingale Academy, who carries around her very own chainsaw. One day she begins to be attacked by modified corpses created by one of her classmates, Nero Aoi . She tears her way through the corpses and busts int...


  • Bloody Chainsaw Girl Returns: Revenge of Nero (2019)

    Directed by: YAMAGUCHI Hiroki    Casts: ASAKAWA Nana, Ano, MAMORU Asana

    Giko Nokomura is a female student at Nightingale Academy, who carries around her very own chainsaw. One day she begins to be attacked by modified corpses created by one of her classmates, Nero Aoi . She tears her way through the corpses and busts int...


  • Don't Cry, Mr.Ogre (2019)

    Directed by: KANESHIGE Atsushi    Casts: TSUTSUMI Shinichi, YAGIRA Yuya, KAWAEI Rina

    Obuchi, aka "Akaoni," is a high school teacher who has also coached his school's baseball team for years. His nickname, meaning "red ogre" in Japanese, came from his suntanned dark-reddish face and also because his method of coaching was brutal like ...



    Directed by: KAWAMURA Taisuke    Casts: KAMISHIRAISHI Mone, SUGINO Yosuke, YOKOHAMA Ryusei

    High school third-year student Aoi Nishimori has a secret that she keeps from everyone in her school: she lives with Shusei Kugayama, the most handsome guy on campus, who other students call "Prince." They initially met under awful circumstances, but...


  • Fly me to the Saitama (2019)

    Directed by: TAKEUCHI Hideki    Casts: NIKAIDO Fumi, GACKT


  • My Father, the Bride (2019)

    Directed by: FUKUDA Momoko    Casts: MATSUMOTO Honoka, HAMANO Kenta, ITAO Itsuji

    While going through a particularly dire patch in her career and marriage, cosmetics saleswoman Tohka Tomokawa returns to the island where she grew up to attend the second memorial service for her late mother. She is greeted by her father Seiji, who i...


  • When My Mom Died, I Wanted to Eat Her Ashes (2019)

    Directed by: OMORI Tatsushi    Casts: YASUDA Ken, BAISHO Mitsuko, MATSUSHITA Nao

    Kind but helpless son Satoshi, and cheerful and powerful mother, Akiko. Their happy, ordinary life starts to change when Akiko is diagnosed with cancer. Satoshi, encouraged by his girlfriend Mari, does his best for his mother, and the rest of the fam...


  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Arrow of the Orion – (2019)

    Directed by: SAKURABI Katsushi    Casts: MATSUOKA Yoshitsugu, MINASE Inori, SAKAMOTO Maaya

    The labyrinth city "Orario" is a massive city with a huge underground maze called the "Dungeon" beneath it. In this world, gods and men live side by side, and this is where young Bell Cranel met a goddess. Now he's become the servant of his goddess,...


  • LAIDBACKERS (2019)

    Directed by: HASHIMOTO Hiroyuki    Casts: HIDAKA Rina, AKANEYA Himika, TAICHI Yo

    Kumi Honamanuma has moved to Kyoto to take over her grandmother's candy shop. She expects to find an empty store, but instead three pretty girls, Harami, K, and Mai, are living there with their dog. Then a young girl with black hair and a backpack co...


  • TIGER: My Life as a Cat (2019)

    Directed by: KAKEHI Masaya    Casts: KITAYAMA Hiromitsu, TABE Mikako, HIRASAWA Kokoro

    Failed manga author Suzuo Takahata spends his days living the easy life, wasting the money his wife Natsuko spends on gambling. But one day, he suddenly dies, and before he can enter the next world, he is to be judged. The judge of the afterlife tell...


  • GRISAIA Phantom Trigger THE ANIMATION (2019)

    Directed by: Tensho    Casts: SAKURA Ayane, NAZUKA Kaori, TANEZAKI Atsumi

    Mihama, a new school for special skills created by the government organization CIRS… For young girls who've lost their homes for a variety of reasons, it offers them a gun and bullets...Rena, a girl who uses a handgun. Touka, a sniper. Chris, a hacke...



    Directed by: HARA Keinosuke    Casts: SHIRASU Jin, MASAKI Reiya, HANAZAWA Masato

    "In our hearts, we will always be yakuza! Men among men! Please accept us as we are!" shout Kentaro Yamamoto, Ryo Tachibana and Kazuyoshi Sugihara in unison as members of both the Inukane yakuza syndicate and an adorably cute and effervescent idol tr...



    Directed by: KAWAMURA Taisuke    Casts: YOKOHAMA Ryusei, KIYOHARA Kaya, IIJIMA Hiroki

    Toru enters adulthood having never mustered the courage to open his heart and let love in. That is, until two events alter his life completely. One is a chance meeting with an old childhood friend and ex-rock band front man, Tatsuya. Toru then encoun...


  • NINJA DRONES? (2019)

    Directed by: MOTOKI Katsuhide    Casts: SixTONES, Snow Man, NANIWADANSHI

    2012 -- Young men, each with dark histories and criminal records, are incarcerated in a juvenile detention center. Factions form and the rival Red Gang and Blue Gang are constantly fighting as the Black Gang watches for entertainment. Although they a...



    Directed by: MORI Yoshitaka    Casts: TAMAMORI Yuta, YOSHIOKA Riho, SOMETANI Shota

    The story portrays two boys and a girl, travelling between two parallel universes. The two worlds complicate their romantic dynamics, and the leading character is never sure whether the girl he loves is in love with him or his best friend....



    Directed by: INUDO Isshin    Casts: HOSHINO Gen, TAKAHASHI Issey, TAKAHATA Mitsuki

    In the Edo period, it cost an absolute fortune for a lord to transfer from one fief to another, and if the shogunate reduced their stipend as well, numerous samurai had to be released from service and rendered masterless, making it a cruel fate for a...


  • Farewell Song (2019)

    Directed by: SHIOTA Akihiko    Casts: KOMATSU Nana, KADOWAKI Mugi, NARITA Ryo

    A female duo band Haruleo hires a handsome roadie Shima. Contrary to their success, adding a male third wheel leads them to the love-triangle, bringing unexpected fights among them though they care for each other deeply. The three set out on a road t...


  • Hell Girl (2019)

    Directed by: SHIRAISHI Koji    Casts: TAMASHIRO Tina, MORI Nana

    There is a rumor of a website called "Hell Correspondence" which only opens at twelve midnight sharp. When a user types the name of a person to be gotten rid of, a hell girl Ai Enma brings the person to the hell. In return, the user will be sent down...


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