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  • Whistleblower (2019)

    Directed by: FUKUZAWA Katsuo    Casts: NOMURA Mansai, KAGAWA Teruyuki

    The tendency of Japanese corporations is to sacrifice those at the bottom. A seemingly lazy businessman but with strong, tough conviction takes a stand by accusing his boss of abuse of power A story of his fight to bring to light corruption through...


  • JESUS (2018)

    Directed by: OKUYAMA Hiroshi    Casts: SATO Yura, OKUMA Riki, Chad Mullane

    Yura is a young boy whose family leaves Tokyo to live with his grandmother in the snowy countryside. Not only must he fit in at a new school, but it's a Christian one. At first he is puzzled when he and his classmates are called to "worship," but he ...


  • Another World (2018)

    Directed by: SAKAMOTO Junji    Casts: INAGAKI Goro, HASEGAWA Hiroki, IKEWAKI Chizuru


  • Amber Light (2019)

    Directed by: YOKOO Hatsuki    Casts: IURA Arata, OHASHI Akira

    As a child, Ryota Hironaga had to watch his parents' divorce and his father leave home. Many years later, as an adult, Ryota finds himself in charge of his father's struggling glass factory in Nagasaki, which had been driven to the brink of bankrupt...


  • His Lost Name (2019)

    Directed by: HIROSE Nanako    Casts: YAGIRA Yuya, YOUNG DAIS, KOBAYASHI Kaoru

    A young man is found almost unconscious on a river bank. A middle-aged widower Tetsuro shelters the man who tells nothing but his name "Shin-ichi." Though baffled by the old man's eagerness who treats Shin-ichi like his own son by providing a place t...


  • TOKYO GHOUL 2 (2019)

    Directed by:    Casts: KUBOTA Masataka, YAMAMOTO Maika, MATSUDA Shota

    Kaneki (Masataka KUBOTA) who becomes half human and half ghoul (man-eating monsters who are only able to ingest human flesh in order to live) is living at a coffee house called "Anteiku" with fellow ghouls such as Touka (Maika YAMAMOTO) hiding thieir...


  • THE RELATIVE WORLDS (tentative title) (2019)

    Directed by: SAKURAGI Yuhei    Casts:

    The year is 2020. Shin Hazama is an ordinary high school boy living in Tokyo. One day he suddenly encounters a boy named Jin who looks exactly like him and claims he came from "another" world. According to Jin, there is another world which an evil...


  • JUNCTION 29 (tentative title) (2019)

    Directed by: YAMADA Akihisa, UEDA Atsushi, SUGITAMitsuru    Casts: TANAKA Shunsuke, MIZUNO Masaru, HONDA Takafumi

    Story 1: "The Night of the Tsuchinoko" Kenichi Yoshida, 29 years old, is at his high school reunion. He sits in the corner with his only friend Kato. Being that kid who went about unnoticed back in the day, he is feeling uncomfortable being there. T...


  • Archimedes no taisen (2019)

    Directed by: YAMAZAKI Takashi    Casts: SUDA Masaki, TACHI Hiroshi, HAMABE Minami


  • Fortuna no hitomi (2019)

    Directed by: MIKI Takahiro    Casts: KAMIKI Ryunosuke, ARIMURA Kasumi, SHISON Jun


  • Chiwawa (2019)

    Directed by: NINOMIYA Ken    Casts: KADOWAKI Mugi, NARITA Ryo, Kanichiro

    When a dead girl found in Tokyo Bay is identified as Yoshiko Chiwaki—a 20-year-old nursing student—Miki is unaware that it's her friend Chiwawa. After all their time together, Miki didn't even know Chiwawa's real name. Miki first met Chiwawa when sh...


  • Red Snow (2019)

    Directed by: KAI Sayaka    Casts: NAGASE Masatoshi, Nahana

    The story begins one snowy day with the disappearance of a boy. His older brother blames himself; the traumatic event causes him to suppress his real memories of that day, burying them under hazy recollections of losing sight of his brother. Meanwhil...


  • The Island of Cats (2019)

    Directed by: IWAGO Mitsuaki    Casts: TATEKAWA Shinosuke, SHIBASAKI Ko, EMOTO Tasuku

    Daikichi is a 70-year-old man living on a small island somewhere in Japan. His wife passed away two years ago and he now lives alone with his 10-year-old cat Tama. Having lived there his entire life, he is surrounded by old friends - including his ch...


  • Just Only Love (2018)

    Directed by: IMAIZUMI Rikiya    Casts: KISHII Yukino, NARITA Ryo, FUKAGAWA Mai

    Imaizumi Rikiya of our blue moment and also directs the film adaptation of "Just Only Love" from Kakuta Mitsuyo who is a famous award-winning author of the Naoki-Prize. It is a touching and humorous depiction of a heroine who goes overboard for a one...


  • DAY AND NIGHT (2019)

    Directed by: FUJII Michihito    Casts: ABE Shinnosuke, ANDO Masanobu, KIYOHARA Kaya

    Drama brought together under the aegis of idiosyncratic actor Yamada Takayuki, who focuses his energies on producing for this film. Deals with the fundamental question of whether people are good or bad by honing in on the gap between how people act a...


  • Living the idol life –SKE48 Behind the Scenes (2018)

    Directed by: TAKENAKA Yusuke, SUZUKI Masahiko    Casts: SKE48

    How do you see Japanese idol? They are young, cute, cheerful, gorgeous… that's how they seem to be. You never know what really is happening behind the scenes. Japanese "idol" have become popular not only in Japan, but throughout the world. This...


  • Donten ni warau Gaiden Shukumei Soto no fuma (2018)

    Directed by: WAKANO Tetsuya    Casts: SAKURAI Takahiro, YUSA Koji, TSUDA Kenjiro

    The time is the end of Samurai era (Edo) and the new Meiji government is founded in Japan. Three young brothers, Tenka, Soramaru, Chutaro who are the guardian of Kumou shrine stand up to prevent the "Orochi" from coming back to life every 300 years t...


  • I'm Not Here (2018)

    Directed by: HIHARA Shintaro    Casts: MINE Goichi, YASHIBA Toshihiro, IWAYA Kenji

    Drama that wrestles with the question, "Is school about education or profit?" Real-life teacher Hihara Shintaro directs this authentic depiction of education on the front lines by having his students play themselves. Film school instructor Tahara (M...


  • Nisekoi: False Love (2018)

    Directed by: KAWAI Hayato    Casts: NAKAJIMA Kento, NAKAJO Ayami

    The longest running rom-com comic on WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP in live action! Raku, a peace-loving guy with a strong sense of justice, is the only son of a mafia boss. Chitoge, the feisty new student at his school who is actually a girly girl at heart, is...


  • Waiting For Spring (2018)

    Directed by: HIRAKAWA Yuichiro    Casts: TSUCHIYA Tao, KITAMURA Takumi, KOSEKI Yuta


  • A Banana? At This Time of Night ? (2018)

    Directed by: MAEDA Tetsu    Casts: OIZUMI Yo, TAKAHATA Mitsuki, MIURA Haruma

    Film adaptation of author Watanabe Kazufumi's non-fiction masterpiece. Thirty-four-year-old Shikano Yasuaki (Oizumi Yo) can only move his neck and hands because of muscular dystrophy. He uses a wheelchair to get around. But he ditches the hospital i...


  • Lying to Mom (2018)

    Directed by: NOJIRI Katsumi    Casts: KISHIBE Ittoku, HARA Hideko, KIRYU Mai

    The Suzukis are a family of 4; father, mother, son and daughter. The son, Koichi (30), who had become a stay-at-home shut-in, decides one day to take his own life in his room on the second floor. His body is first discovered by the mother, Yuko (55),...


  • GODZILLA: The Planet Eater (2018)

    Directed by: SHIZUNO Kobun, SESHITA Hiroyuki    Casts: MIYANO Mamoru, SAKURAI Takahiro, HANAZAWA Kana


  • Killing (2018)

    Directed by: TSUKAMOTO Shinya    Casts: IKEMATSU Sosuke, AOI Yu, NAKAMURA Tatsuya

    Mokunoshin Tsuzuki is one such samurai. To maintain his swordsmanship skills, Mokunoshin spars daily with Ichisuke, a farmer's son. Ichisuke's sister Yu watches them train with a hint of disapproval although there's an unspoken attraction between her...


  • My Retirement, My Life (2018)

    Directed by: KIKUCHI Takeo    Casts: KUSAKARI Masao, KIMURA Fumino

    Michitaro Sano (Age 60) is a single father who's just retired, who's trying his best to handle chores for the first time in his life, and build a place for himself in the local community. His wife passed away 18 years ago, and he thought he had a goo...


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